Art Therapy CounselingCome on in

You may have landed here because you’ve found that your current way of operating in this world is no longer serving you and are seeking counseling to change some of the patterns that have brought you to this moment. Or maybe you seek closure for past harms, losses or regrets, and realize that there’s no time like the present to get started.

So let’s talk about it

Because what goes unsaid is oftentimes expressed in other ways, with or without our intention or awareness. And for many, having a safe space to give air and consideration to the underlying thoughts, feelings and beliefs that simmer in the backdrop of our daily lives can be an important step in establishing a sense of wellness and empowerment, as we strive to make sense of our experiences and the kind of lives we want to lead.

In our work together, my aim is to hold that safe space for you and the experiences that have led you to this point in your healing journey. Using a collaborative, person-centered approach, I offer a calm, empathic and unbiased presence for the challenges that my clients face in their daily lives with the following goals in mind:

  • to resolve the traumas and losses that may leave one to feel “stuck” in the past
  • to build on the strengths and skills that will help to serve one’s healing journey
  • to uncover and connect with one’s own self-knowledge and intuition so as to make more mindful and empowered choices
  • to work together to help my clients create the lives that they desire

When you’re struggling with life and the challenges that it can present, reaching out for help is often the hardest step. If you’re considering starting counseling, please feel free to contact me with questions about my practice or to schedule a free 15-minute consultation. Help is within reach.