Gina Cardillo, LPC CounselorAbout

Hi, my name is Gina Cardillo (she/her), and I am a board certified art therapist, EMDR therapist and licensed professional counselor based in Philadelphia.

A little about me: My path to becoming a mental health clinician was an indirect one, but now that I am here I couldn’t imagine doing anything else. I began my career in the art and design world, graduating from art school with a BFA in textile design, and working for several years designing home goods such as ceramic dinnerware, glassware, curtains and rugs, in addition to a short stint in school photography editing.

I have long been fascinated by the healing power of the arts, and to this day question how I would have survived my own adolescence without having an outlet in art and music. I also found a lot of comfort and healing through the many compassionate, wise and attentive therapists I worked with early in my adult life and beyond. Though I always enjoyed commercial design work (who can argue with painting and arranging images of flowers and butterflies on various home goods day in and day out?), I oftentimes questioned the larger purpose and meaning of my work during those first few design jobs, asking myself: Whom is this serving? Why is this important? Do I truly have a vested interest in designing matching coffee mugs and dessert plates?

Fast forward to the Great Recession of 07-09, when much of the design work that kept me employed started to dry up. I was at a crossroads. After a layoff from my last design job, I decided to listen to the inner voice that had long been nudging me toward a new career path, one which would serve others in a much more direct way. From there I began applying to art therapy graduate programs and pursuing the field that felt better aligned with my ideals.

And fast forward again to today.  Drawing on over ten years in the mental health field, I offer a very wide range of experience, having worked with clients of nearly all ages, from five through 85+ from diverse backgrounds, cultures and walks of life. I’ve also worked across all levels of mental healthcare including residential and inpatient programs, drug and alcohol rehabilitation, intensive outpatient and partial hospitalization programs, as well as individual outpatient counseling, serving clients presenting with a variety of mental health disorders. I am endlessly fascinated by the workings of the human mind and am grateful for the privilege of my clients’ confidences and to hear their stories.

At this time, I am offering virtual sessions to Pennsylvania residents via Zoom, as well as walk-and-talk sessions in Wissahickon Park, weather-permitting. If you’re feeling stuck and are looking for a change, feel free to reach out to me, and we can set up an appointment.