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While graduate education in the mental health professions provides an indispensable, legally and ethically necessary theoretical and practical foundation in providing mental health care, many graduates find that they have only just begun to scratch the surface in all there is to know as a practitioner. The more we practice and refine our clinical skills, the more we become aware of how much we don’t yet know. The process of learning and expanding one’s knowledge base as a mental health clinician continues well beyond the graduate school years, and ideally throughout the entire duration of one’s practice in the field.  Some have argued that without constant learning and growing alongside one’s clients, a therapist’s clinical work become stagnant and less effective, hence the requirement for continuing education and consultation throughout a career in the mental health field. 

As a counselor, art therapist and EMDR therapist, I would not be where I am in my career today without the patience, integrity and wisdom of the supervisors and consultants with whom I have had the pleasure of working since the start of my own journey through the mental health field. It has also been one of my greatest honors to pay it forward to the supervisees who have entrusted me with their continuing education and clinical supervision.

As a licensed professional counselor and board-certified art therapist, I offer individual and group supervision for licensure-eligible counselors in Pennsylvania, as well as art therapists working towards their own national board-certification. While my most of my experience has centered around anxiety, mood disorders and trauma-related disorders in adults, I’ve worked with a range of ages, populations and disorders across all levels of care, and am passionate about guiding new therapists through the mental healthcare world and refining the tools that are needed for effective and ethical practice.